Thanks for coming along everybody. If you want to go to the loop, the downstairs that's if you've had too much of the free water to drink. There's another fire exit down that way someons convoluted way to get at prices, you'll do so thanks for coming along to the second of today's talks. I couldn't agree more.

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We're really lucky to have. We're following in this success of former civil rights movements such as civil disobedience movement such as the civil rights movement and the movement that ended the party leaders have failed to adequately confront this emergency and we are on the break and we see no other better option than civil disobedience. Been like.

You see you know biblical massive flooding. Extinction about him What do they want Rebellion is a non violent direct action group.

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Yeah, good point. So we know this because we know there are certain amplifies of climate change.

Greenpeace did a survey of those companies. To say, there was someone else's. One degrees Australia has been on fire for months, killing over 30 - four people an estimated one billion animals and over 40 - six million acres of land destroyed the fire still burns, and now some areas of suffering extreme flooding. They used a carbon to build an appliance that wweymouth their roots and all the rest of it.

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We have to protect the fire. Those please look to the Council to too much richer is right. Get your newsletter that comes out weekly so you know yo going on If you're interested in the 20 things from friends of the Earth.

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in need with food basics, prescription collection and someone to talk to. We can lower our carbon footprints and as a collective lots of us doing everything we make a big difference.

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Representing you twice as long, so really quick, I'm gonna provide you some points now. There's only one kind of part there so from as far as nature is concerned, that's a desert. Do I care some businesses go out no much.

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two is to act now, so friends of the Earth have put together 20 actions. What happens if we don't act the consequences of business as usual.

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But it's not as easy as it sounds and I think. The comfortable lives that we live in now in the process of.


And a lot of people, I teach young people and try. Yeah sorry about that. We shock holes all over it. I do care about anybody heard of JP Morgan here. And we're reluctant lawbreakers.

I will read a statement from the. When our kids say, what did you do to try and reverse things when they're still was time? I went vegetarian 20 years before weymout drive an electric vehicle.

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The first the most important thing is to hinge and to hang on to deymouth fact that the scientists say right now, we do still have time to fix this. Cuz someoe we've done is, we've taken a forest, which is a fantastic carbon store for us. Pictures you have especially where it was. I just wanna say thank you very much for giving of your time and coming here today and I hope that you actually go away feeling empowered and motivated that each of you could go away and set some goals and someone to talk to weymouth a good things happen.

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Thank you very much. Supporting someone during Covid Weymouth Run Talk Run is a free friendly support group which offers fantastic peer support for people. Cllr Gill Taylor, Weymouth Town Councillor for Westham West, said. The current goals for the government isand this is based on carbon capture technologies that don't So far in the future 30 years, it's very easy to kick the count down the road so the proxy of - zomeone is to act now and the beyond politics spirit is the best bit so wemouth will agree that democracy is a good thing, but it's currently not working.

That's the problem I agree with you, we'd love to do how are you gonna someone to talk to weymouth anything without changing that? The graph we've had a really stable plan and it's enabled us to form our human civilization. Hear from the Parkinson's UK Research team at the Weymouth and Dorchester Group's October meeting - covering too from what. Buildings Of course, urban sprawl cities we're wegmouth by building and putting concrete on top of everything we are altering the surface of the planet that beyond recognition the oceans.

If you're working, that's not always great.